Taschanas Goddess Bellona PP

The results from Taschanas Goddess Bellona PPs DNA profiling is now ready and the information about her has been updated on Genoscopers web siteSamples were taken at AniCura Dyresykehuset Tromsø and the ID confirmed by our vet prior to shipment. Bellona is from Taschanas Maine coon. This beautiful portrait of Bellona at 4 months of age is taken by Ida-Helene Sivertsen Photography.

Link to pedigree in PawPeds

Reg.number: 03T 110117 010 (registered in TICA Jan 8 2018)
Mikrochip number:

Date of birth: November 1 2017

Breeder: Marita R Sørensen / Taschanas Maine Coon
EMS code: MCO e 22
Colour: Cream classic tabby

Breed: Maine Coon
Sex: Female

Genetic diversity based on DNA sequencing: 38.5%
Complete inbreeding: 4.2%

Top 2 = 26.3%
Top 3 = 36.5%

We follow the health program in PawPeds for our cats as an important part of evaluating them for breeding - all information is made public through MyCatDNA and PawPeds:

Bellona is an F3 generation cat with a genetic diversity of 38.5%. Genoscoper - MyCatDNA - results are available at MyCatDNA and in PawPeds:
Bellona is HCM negative (parents 1-2 generations back tested negative, and Bellona tested negative), Spinal Muscular Atrophy negative, and Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency negative. 

HD xray and HCM ultrasound examinations will be done when Bellona has reached one year of age.

Read more about Bellona and her pedigree here

Heat: first time at 10 months (Sept 1 2018)


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