Breeding plans 2021: Bellona x Hector

Exciting times ahead. Bellona is pregnant! The due date is approximately Sept 6. 

Taschanas Goddess Bellona PP x Hector Vasanti

Six year old Hector Vasanti is health tested and owned by Anzhela Larsen. He is big, beautiful male with a lovely personality.

Hector Vasanti (Photo: Monica A Sundset)

Our Taschanas Goddess Bellona PP from Marita Sørensen at Taschanas Maine Coon, Sweden is an f3 foundation Maine Coon after US lines (f1 Bluebell of Lynx Luna) imported to Sweden by Johanna Eli Forssblad, Lynx Luna Maine Coon. Bluebell (Bellona´s grandmother on her fathers side) is a foundation cat from north of Maine, US. She was born January 15th in 2015 on a horse farm by a river - "where time had stood still for 50 years". An isolated population of about 50 cats were living on the farm keeping the big river-rats away from the animal feed and hay. The cat population was kept low by a big grey-white male called "Bad Daddy" - and they had never added / brought in any new cats to the farm. "Bad Daddy" killed kittens to so that he could mate their mothers again. But one kitten, Bluebell, was rescued from "Bad Daddy". Bluebell was thoroughly health tested in Maine prior to her long journey to Sweden, including a FELV/FIP-test. She was polydactyl, similar to many of the other cats on the farm in Maine, which is considered a great selective advantage when fighting and catching huge rodents. Health data and more for Bluebell can be found in pawpaws. You can read more about Bellona´s family here

Bluebell of Lynx Luna (Photo: Johanna Eli Forssblad / Lynx Luna)

Litter data

Link to test mating in PawPeds

Inbreeding: 0%
COI: 9.82%
Clones: 30.8%
Top 5: 59.5%

Offsprings after Hector and Bellona can be 
  • red (d)
  • red tabby (d 22)
  • cream (e) 
  • cream tabby (e 22)
  • poly 
  • non-poly

Individual data

Add by Marita Sørensen / Taschanas Maine Coon
Hector VasantiTaschanas Goddess
Bellona PP

Date of birthFeb 16th 2015
Nov 1st 2017
EMS color codesd 22 e 22
Previous littersHector has not previously been used in breeding.One litter born Dec 9 2019: Alterskjaer Brutus PP continues in breeding with us.
Weight9.1 kg (Feb 2021)3.6 kg (Sept 2020)

COI (complete inbreeding)
Top 572.5%46.5%
Blood type (DNA tested MyCatDNA)Not knownN/b, blood type A
PK def DNA


HCM scanningNormal
Feb 18th 2021
(6 years old)
(Issued by Liva Vatne)
Jan 29 2019

(1 year 3 month old)
(Issued by Liva Vatne)

Sept 17 2020

(2 years 10 month old)
(Issued by Liva Vatne)
HD xrayLeft side: Grade 2*
Right side: Grade 1
Feb 25th 2021

(6 years old)
(Issued by Elisabeth Ball)
Left side: Normal
Right side: Normal
Nov 12 2018 

(1 year old)
(Issued by Per Eksell)

*The prevalence of hip dysplasia in the breed is 37.4% independent of sex, severity is increasing with age and body mass, and heritability ranging between 30-43% (n = 5038) (Low et al. 2019). Data published by PawPeds show that 13.2% of the offsprings after Grade 2 x N parents (n=68) were given a hip score of 2 and 2.9% a hip score of 3. While 8.9% of the offsprings after Grade 1 x N parents (n=505) were given a hip score of 2 and 1.6% a score of 3. Hector was given hip score 2 on his left side hip by PawPeds. Considering his age (he was hip scanned at 6 years) and the perfect results on his recent HCM scanning and DNA tests, in combination with Bellona´s excellent health results, I decided to use him in breeding.


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