Alterskjaer Mufasa PP x Alterskjaer Chloe: We are expecting kittens in mid February

Update: Mufasa (15 months) visited Chloe (3 years) 6-20 December. We did not observe any mating between the two, but are now quite sure that Chloe is indeed pregnant and are expecting her kittens to be born in mid February.

Offsprings after Mufasa (red tabby: MCO d 22) and Chloe (blue silver tabby with white: MCO as 09 22) can be

Males: black (n), black with tabby (n 22), blue (a), blue with tabby (a 22) - all with or without white
Females: black tortie (f), black tortie with tabby (f 22), blue tortie (g), blue tortie with tabby (g 22) - all with or without white

Mufasa is a polydactyl Maine coon with mitten paws - and can give both poly and non-poly offsprings

Test mating / Litter data: Link to test mating Mufasa x Chloe in the PawPeds database
Inbreeding: 1.56%
COI: 9.50% (Chloe is an f3 girl, and will give f4 offsprings)
Clones: 27.1%
Top 5: 52.5%

Bellow are individual data on genetic diversity and health for Mufasa and Chloe

Alterskjaer Mufas PP 
Alterskjaer Chloe
Date of birthSep 6 2021Dec 13 2019
EMS color codesMCO d 22MCO as 09 22
Previous littersNo previous littersNo previous litters
Weight4.33 kg (at 13 months)4 kg (3 years)

(PawPeds, based on 4 generations)
(Mufasa is a generation four foundation cat / f4 after Taschanas Goddess Bellona PP and Hector Vasanti)
(Chloe is a generation three foundation cat / f3 after Lynx Luna Inferno PP of Taschanas and Nordic Lynx Crazy Kiss)
Top 559.6%45.4%
Blood type (Chloe is DNA tested in MyCatDNA)Not testedN/N (Blood type A)
HCM1 DNAN/N (both parents N/N)N/N
SMA DNAN/N (both parents N/N)N/N

N/N (both parents N/N)

Heterozygous carrier
HCM scanningOct 27 2022 
Normal (Liva Vatne)
Feb 18 2021 (age 1.2.5):
Normal (Liva Vatne)
Oct 27 2022 (age 2.10.14): Normal (Liva Vatne)
HD xrayOct 27 2022
Left: Normal
Right: Normal
(Elisabeth Ball)
Dec 2020:
Left: Grade 1
Right: Grade 1
(Elisabeth Ball)

Mufasa is after Taschanas Goddess Bellona PP and Hector Vasanti. 

Results from Hector´s hearth and hip scan are available in PawPeds
Hector´s DNA tests (HCM, SMA, PKdef) are presented below: 


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